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Argon Zark! debuted in June of 1995 and was the first continuing comic created specifically for distribution on the Web.

Although preceded on the Internet by Where the Buffalo Roam By Hans Bjordahl, a college newspaper strip that was made available for distribution through Usenet downloads prior to the advent of the Web, and Dr. Fun, a single panel cartoon that was originally created for small newspapers and later migrated to the Net, Argon Zark! was the first comic created exclusively to be published on the World Wide Web, and represents the beginning of webcomics as we know them today.

Argon Zark! is an all-digital "virtual comic book" created entirely on the computer and designed to be viewed over the Internet.

It is a free humor/adventure/sci-fi comic story about a slightly eccentric computer genius (read: geek), his companions and some unusual, uh... aquaintences.

The comic is designed to take advantage of the RGB nature of computer monitors, HTML hyperlinks, GIF animations, JavaScript, CSS layering, dHTML animation, and more recently, Flash animation to enhance the story. Although there is a "Deluxe, Portable, Cordless, Souvenir Dead-tree Edition" of the first story, the Web comic is the original.

If you have just discovered Argon Zark!, start with the first page of Book 2 (page 50). It isn't necessary to have read Book 1 in order to enjoy Book 2. Book 2 is much more interactive than Book 1.

If you have read the Argon Zark! book, and are visiting the site for the first time, you might want to start with the onlne version of Book 1. In addition to the story presented in the book, there are some imagemaps, animations (more so toward the second half of the story) and a few, um..., other surprises if you look for them.

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