This page is largely a relic now, a holdover from a time when award sites and word of mouth were major factor in how people learned about cool stuff on the Web.

Many of these sites no longer even exist. I keep the page up mainly because it says something about the history of the Argon Zark!, and also says something about the history of the Web.

Last updated July 1999

Cool Site of the Day Cool Site of the Day July 29, 1999!
Excite Rated **** "Must see" by Excite.
Point Top 5% Rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Lycos.
High 5 Award Winner of the High 5 Award for Excellence in Site design
Luckman Selected as a 5-star Award Winner by Luckman Interactive.
Hot Site A Starting Point Hot Site.
4-StarGoldsite Selected as a 4-Star Gold Site by NetGuide
Magellan Awarded 3 stars by Magellan.
Wow! Wow! Web Wonders Award for Outstanding Graphics.
Event Horizon Selected as a Hot Spot by Event Horizon.
Best of the Planet One of 2ask's Best of the Planet Award winners
Flung of the Day Flung of the Day 6/5/98.
Midtown Comics Featured Site of the Week at Midtown Comics, 5-22-98. Best of the Web award.
Spider's Pick The Spider's Pick of the Day for Friday October 13, 1995! Chosen again as Spider's Pick ReduRL for 3/29/96. Alas, this site is no longer active. (We miss you, Spider.)
iComics Winner of the Inet Comics Top Comic Sites Award
CoolStop Awarded the CoolStop Best of the Cool Award
Hall of Shame Rated one of three "Best of the Web" by The Enhanced For Netscape Hall of Shame.
An Omnivision winner An Omnivision Winner site of the day 12/28/97
Eye on the Web Chosen as a Selected Site by Eye on the Web
Tomorrow's Site LightSpeed Media's choice for "Tomorrow's Site of the Day" for 5/22/96.
WinMagWeb The WinMagWeb Hotspot for 2/21/96.
PCR Online Winner of the Web Site Award from PCR Online.
Pro Toon Professional Cartoonists Index Cartoon Pencil Award
CDNow CDNow Cool Site of the Week
Dr. Webster Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day 12/15/97
The Cube Winner of The Eye Cubefrom The Liptonice Cube Awards for best graphics on the web.
Brain Trust Modicum of Talent Award from The Braintrust
Cosmic Site AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night 2/12/96.
Vision Quest Vision Quest 'Site Of The Week' for the week of 07-05-96 to 07-12-96
Web Surfers Digest Chosen as a Web Surfers Digest Hot Site.
From the SciFi channel's site: Argon Zark! chosen Science FIction Weekly's Sci Fi Site of the Week for 3/15/99
* Connect-Time reader's award for Best Comic on the Web,
C-T Discoveries, January '97.   Here's the review.
* Cool Place 9/16-17/95
* Dynamite Site of the Nite 9/ 20/95
* Freakly Weekly 10/1-7/95
* Up on Cherry Coke's The Wall for the week of 8/23 to 8/29!
* Selected as The GIST Web Pick: Hilarious page of the Day (Headscape Hesitator pages): 12/12/96
* Chosen as one of only 8 Gallery participants for SCIFI.CON 1.0, the first virtual sci-fi convention, produced by The Dominion, the Sci-fi Channel's web presence.
* Gulf Coast Central "Site of the Week" pick for September 16 - 22, 1996.

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