Argon Zark

Inventor, techie, accidental genius, geek.

Argon has invented "Personal Transport Protocol" or PTP, which allows him and his companions to be physically transported across the Internet.

Zeta Fairlight

Entrepeneur, adventurer, part-time delivery driver.

Originally Argon's travelling companion by accident, now an enthusiastic participant in the adventure.


Argon's Personal Digital Assistant. A robot of many talents. Unfortunately, reliable speech recognition is not one of them.

Cybert is the mechanism by which our intrepid travellers navigate through the Net.

The 9 or 10 Guys Who Secretly Run Everything

Or is it 13 guys? They are seen here as avatars in the Virtual Conference Environment created by Pharaoh Portal.

Pharaoh Portal

Avatar of the chairman of Nastysoft. Also known as "Bill". Any resemblance to real hyper-rich megalomaniacs past or present is purely intentional.

A new member of "The 9 or 10 Guys who Secretly Run Everything", he has a simple ambition: to run everything!

The C E O

CEO of The 9 or 10 Guys and also of GreedCo. No one is quite sure who (or what) he is.

Also no one is quite sure if CEO might just stand for something like Completely Evil Ogre. One thing for sure, he ain't Mr. Nice Guy.

And more to come... but why spoil the surprises?

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