About the Author

I'm a freelance web site designer, illustrator and cartoonist living in the Philadelphia area.

I started Argon Zark! with the intention of simply having fun doing a comic story the way I wanted, with no art directors, editors, or publishers telling me what I could or couldn't do.

I've been intentionally self-indulgent in allowing myself to write a story that would let me draw whatever I like (robots, dinosaurs, attractive women, bizarre landscapes), and even rewritten pages to accomodate my whims to play with a new piece of graphic software. Fortunately, Argon's story is one of exploration, discovery and fun, so my whims aren't too far out of place. The strip is full of references to stray bits of stuff that I find interesting or fun.

Argon Zark! has been a labor of love, although sales of the hard copy, help defray the cost of maintaining the site and allow me to devote more of my time to it.

I've been delighted with the amazing response the site has gotten since its inception and I thank all of you who have written me, reviewed the site or given it an award. I haven't changed my approach or intention, though. I'm still just having a blast.

I would also like to mention that I'm the extremely fortunate and grateful recipient of a kidney transplant (10 years as of last September!). I'd like to urge anyone who hasn't thought about organ donation to read a little bit about it and consider what a remarkably simple and wonderful thing it is to list yourself as an organ donor. For a good source of information, here is a site I designed for the Gift of Life Donor Program

I can be reached at .


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