Easter Eggs

A note about Easter eggs

Yes, there are a number of "hidden" pages behind some of the Argon Zark! pages. Some of them are fairly obvious, like the Headscape Hesitator parody behind page 37 in Book 1, also linked from here and the icon on the hub page. Others are scattered around.

I dont want to detract from the story, though, by having everyone clicking all around on every page looking for Easter eggs, so I'll say this much:

Pages with extra links will either have one link for the whole image, many links or none. If you put your mouse over a comic page and you dont see the hand or other mouse pointer indicating a link in a brief pass, the page is not linked.

There are no pages where you have to hunt through the entire image looking for hidden links.

Also, at the moment, there are no Easter eggs before page 27 in Book 1, although that may change in the future.

I reveal the location of several hidden pages in the last chapter of the Argon Zark! hard copy

Have fun,


The Argon Zark! dead-tree edition