And the number one question is:
When does the next !&%#@!! page come out?!
I was originally trying to put up a new page once every week or two. Then it slipped back to a month. Lately it's been taking me considerably longer depending on my schedule and how complex the page is. I intend to keep Argon Zark! free, but I have to make a living and my paying assignments have to come first. I also put a tremendous amount of work into the pages and I have a hard time letting go of a page until I feel it's good enough. I'm hoping that income from the book and T-shirt will allow me to drop some of my other projects and devote more time to the site.


How do I know when a new page is up?
A quick check to the splash page will tell you. Not only is there an update, but the background changes whenever I put up a new page.


Can I receive an e-mail notice when the new page is up?
I don't have the time or inclination to maintain an email list for updates myself.
One option is to use Internet Explorer's "Subscribe" feature to monitor the index page (http://www.zark.com) for changes.
Another option is to user a page monitoring service or application. Here is a listing of a few from Search Engine Watch.
You can also check the Digital Webbing site, specificaly their anoouncements page, for info on updates of Argon Zark! and many other comics oriented sites.   Digital Webbing


What tools do you use? Do you draw the comic on the computer, or do you draw it on paper and scan it in?
I draw Argon Zark! directly on the computer in Painter with a Wacom tablet, color it in Painter and Photoshop and manipulate with Kai's Power Tools and other filters. There is some information in the Tools I Use and Books I Use sections of the site. There is also a fairly detailed chapter in the Argon Zark! book on how I do a "typical" Argon Zark! page from start to finish.
There are also several books on Painter, Photoshop, etc that have sections about my stuff. They're listed on the Books I Use page.


What do you do for a living?
I'm a freelance artist/designer in the Philadelphia area. I do Illustration, cartooning and web site design.


Where did you get the name Argon Zark?
Argon is an inert gas sometimes used in vacuum tubes, "neon" signs and lasers. Zark is derived from Dr. Zarkov, Flash Gordon's scientist companion from the 1930's newspaper strip by Alex Raymond. Don't ask me why I put them together, they just collided in the bottom of my brainpan one day when I wasn't looking.


Does Cybert have anything to do with Dilbert?
No, it's just the shortest, dumbest name I could make out of the word "cyber".


Will there be a dead-tree edition of Book 2?
Book 2 will most likely be published as a CD-ROM.


Are you the same Charley Parker who does the dinosaur cartoons?
Oui, c'est moi. The dinosaur cartoons have been given their own site at DinosaurCartoons.com.

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