Kind of a short list for now. Updated June 24, 2005.

Literary (Sci-fi/fantasy, etc.)

The Galactic Geographic
Karl Kofoed is a front-rank Science Fiction illustrator who has created a visually stunning and intellectually fascinating glimpse of other worlds in the form of the Galactic Geographic from the year 3097. The richness and detail of both the art and the concepts he has worked out for alien life are dazzling. Only a small portion of the project is on display here. Excerpts are being printed in Heavy Metal magazine. It has finally been released as a book! Not to be missed.
Gregory Frost
Fantasy/sci-fi/horror writer with a penchant for dark strangeness dosed with humor. Of particular interest is Fitcher's Brides, a retelling of the Bluebeard fable in America in the 19th Century, written in a voice from that era. Check out his other award-winning books.
Michael Swanwick
One of the best science fiction writers working today. His stories make you stop and think about all kinds of unexpected things, provided you can stop trurning pages long enough to do so.
Gardner Dozois' Recommended Reading List
If anyone on this planet (or probably any planet) knows science fiction, it's Gardner Dozois. This is his list for an introduction to sci-fi for newer readers. If you've midssed something on this list, you've missed something worthwhile. Gardner Dozois is a multi-time Hugo award winner, the long-term editor of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine and the Year's Best Science Fiction collections, and two-time Nebula Award-winning author. here are some of the books he has written or edited.

Tools, gadgets and cool stuff

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools
Just that - nifty, usable stuff of all sorts, from fountain pens to Google's listing's of catalogs, things that Kevin finds useful and you just might too.
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
Yep. ... Well, sort of. Basically a blog that mentions and links to all manner of cool, interesting and/or weid things arond the Net. Also, check out contributor Mark Frauenfelder's Digital Living Handy Reference Cards, part of the Digital Living Today site.
Gizmos, gadgets and fun toys. Zowie!.
More gizmos, gadgets and fun toys. Wheeeeeee!.

Amusements & distractions

Mr. Picassohead
Make your own! be a cubist for a day and make your own Picasso face from a selection of heads ears, noses, and send it to your fellow art-lovers.
The Surrealist Compliment Generator
Most people don't realize that Surrealism was originally a literary movement The Surrealist Compliment Generator is an attempt to put modern web tech in the service of the Surrealist ideal of unpredictable word combinations. Reload the page for a new surrealist compliment as many times as your miind can take. Part of The Surrealism Server.
Find out what Google thinks of you (or someone else). Creates amusing extracts of Google search results.
The Word Spy
I love jargon sites. and
I love 360° panoramic photos,(QTVR, etc.). These sites have great ones from all over the world.
Beautiful, elegant, dreamlike online games.
Doc Ozone
Eccentric artist/designer with a frequently changing, always fascinating set of sites, personal and professional. His material ranges from clean sharp design work to bizzare eye candy. His set of "Hands-on tutorials" are great for anyone into web design and graphics. Doc is also a wonderfully off-kilter cartoonist. Speaking of off-kilter cartoonists, Doc also maintains pages devoted to Matt Howarth's wonderfully twisted Those Annoying Post Brothers.


Walters & Kissinger's
One of the world's foremost paleontological art studios. Home to my favorite dinosaur artist, Bob Walters.
My own Dinosaur Cartoons site, which has it's own list of links, many of them to other dinosaur links sites.


Jack Harris
Superb designer and illustrator that I collaborate with on a regular basis. The link above is to his illustration portfolio, Here is a link to the design site: Eureka.
The 5k
An amazing design contest- pages, animatinons, interactives and "sites" done in less than 5k of code.
Some "Siteseeing" sites (Lists of links - mosty of interest because of design)
Net Diver
Communication Arts Site of the Week (and archives)
Text based - minimalist Web design
Wow Web Designs
Design Meme
Media Inspiration
Pirated Sites!! Aarrgghh...


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I like the lists.
The Cartoon Bank
Huge resource of New Yorker cartoons. You can sit at your computer all day and look up cartoons on any topic, clicking through until you're tired of laughing. Or, you could just break down and buy a copy of The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker ($60 in stores, $36 from Amazon), and laugh yourself into a coma all at once.

Art - Online Galleries

The Art Renewal Center
Wow! An amazing, enormous resource, championing representational and figurative art. Huge collection of stunning high-resoultion images!
Large online resource about hundreds of artists.
Large online resource about hundreds of artists.
Large online resource about hundreds of artists, with lots of banner ads, but a good resource anyway.
About Vermeer Art
Click into the galleries, choose a subject, then a painting, and then choose "Enlarge" to go to the detail page and choose "Enlarge" again from there. You'll be rewarded with wonderful high-resolution images of some of the most beautiful paintings ever created by a human hand.
The Museum of Online Museums
Links to great online museums of art, architecture, science, history and other topics.
Virtual Museum of Art el pais
Online art museum with a very cool "virtual museum" interface.

Science & Nature, and Related Cool Interactives and Stuff

One World Journeys
Beautiful web documentaries and online interactive exhibits, some of which I had the pleasure of working on, notably the Anatomy of a Spring module, and several interactive features in the Wakulla Springs module for the Florida's Springs site. Created by FusionSpark Media.
Museum of science, art and human perception. Tons of online interactive exhibits.
National Geographic Channel Interactives
Online interactive exhibits.


Wanna know about something? Anything?
Google maps
Scroll across the country with your arrow keys. I love the satellite image mode. Amazing.
Yahoo maps
It's kind of lost in the typical junky Yahoo interface, but once you look up your map, look on the right side of the page for the "View traffic on map" link for more or less real-time traffic reports. Don't leave home without it.
Nice collection of search, language, research, financial and map tools.
Google Language Tools
Hey, it's called the World Wide Web for a reason. Don't speak the language? Not a problem! Go to the Language Tools page on Google and enter the site url in the "Translate Site" box. Select your language, et voilà! Captain Kirk's Universal Translator! The translations may seem awkward at times, but they follow you through links, even to other sites! Remarkable.