Argon digs around inside the Cancelbots of Doom, and what does he find...?

Check back in a few weeks for the next exciting page of

Argon Zark!


A few weeks?!!

Well, it's like this...
I originally intended Argon Zark! to be a weekly feature. Unfortunately the demands of my paying assignments have grown to the point where I'm constantly pressed for time.
Rather than accept a lower level of quality to maintain a weekly schedule, I've opted to simply post the pages whenever I can finish them. This can sometimes mean a wait between pages of several weeks (or, um..., considerably longer).
I apologize for the inconvenience of an unpredictable schedule, but I hope that the level of quality I'm maintaining makes the pages worth the wait.
In order to make checking back for a new page as painless as possible, the home page will always carry a notice of how recently the comic has been updated. Also, the background of the splash page will change whenever a new page has been put up.
Thanks for your patience.