Review Excerpts
"Visually stunning and glorious in its geekiness, Argon Zark is our favorite over-the-counter method of escaping reality."
"We've seen some great graphics and amusing cartooning on the Web, but Charley Parker's "Argon Zark" is outstanding. Not only is this strip incredibly well drawn and seemingly three-dimensional, but the background details alone are worth a visit. If Dali had done a comic book on the Net, it might have been something like this."
-Netsurfer Digest
"Everything about this site is cool. The artwork is stellar, with all manner of image-crunching software skillfully employed to create surreal landscapes and scenes. Given this technical mastery, I was expecting to have to sport the artist, Charley Parker, a few points for writing ability, but nope: Argon Zark! is well-written, well-paced, and phenomenally witty."
Hank LaRoche - StoryWeb
"The world has Matt Groenig, Gary Trudeau and now this guy, thanks to the WWW exposure. The Beautiful flourish of graphics for this virtual comic book make the Web prizes he's won understandable."   ****-Must see
Wry wit and exceptional attention to detail, design and color make this in-your-face, Net oriented comic serial an instant classic in its genre."
-Yahoo Internet Life
"Parker's clearly good with modern cartooning gear and has an eye for mind-spinning graphics -- stick with it and you won't be disappointed -- but because each panel is so big and pretty it takes a while to get the story going. In spite of the traditional comic-book format, this is one of the better examples of what Net "comics" could look like beyond simply reproducing pen-and-ink line art." Top 5% of all sites on the Web
"Argon Zark is unquestionably the best interactive comics have to offer."
"...much more fun, clever, and well-done than most printed comics these days."
"Meticulously drawn with lush color panels, the online comic Argon Zark! chronicles the adventures of Argon, a young, hip computer "hypergeek" and his robot assistant Cybert. Typing in random URLs literally whisks Argon and Cybert to bizzarre new worlds. The writing is laden with eye-rolling puns, Web parody and smart-alecky pop culture references."
"A culture isn't complete without its own comic books, and Charles Parker's Argon Zark! is a comic for the data age..."
-San Jose Mercury News
"...the world's funniest supergeek."
-Science Fiction Age
Argon Zark! has been featured in articles in:
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Cyber Hero to the Rescue by William R. Macklin, cover article, section, 6/5/97
The Houston Chronicle, Sunday Tech section, 8/25/96, also a reprint of Philadelphia Inquirer article 6/5/97
The Richmond-Times Dispatch, Argon's World, Comics on the Net by Penelope M. Carrington, cover article inSync section, 6/6/97
Internet Underground, December '96: Panels and Frames by Frank Kurtz A 6-page article featuring interviews with myself, Scott McCloud and Don Simpson.
Germany's TV Movie 1997 Online Special: Alice in Cyberland by Niklaus Hablützel
Also mentioned in:
The Web Magazine February 1998
Yahoo Internet Life May 1998

Argon Zark! was featured on The Sci-fi Channel's Anti-gravity Room March '96.

Argon Zark! was the lead story on Prime Time Weekend from WPVI TV, Philadelphia's ABC affiliate. 8/23/97

Featured on NRK Radio in Norway, (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), 2/11/97

Featured on The Compududes on WXPN Radio, Philadelphia: 2/23/97

Featured guest on Pat & Mike's World WIde Web Radio Show (Syndicated): 5/16/98.

Argon Zark! artwork and graphics techniques are featured in:
Official Kai's Power Tools Studio Secretsby Ted Alspach and Steven Frank (IDG Books)
Painter 5 Studio Secrets by Adele and Seth Greenberg (IDG Books)
Photoshop and Illustrator Synergy Studio Secrets by Jen Alspach (IDG Books)
Designing Interactive Digital Media by Nick Iuppa (Focal Press)
Web Site Graphics: Color, The Best Work from the Web by Jeff Carlson, Toby Malina & Glenn Fleishman (Rockport Publishers)
For more information, see the Books page.