® presents the Argon Zark
Argon Zark! T-Shirts

The perfect attire for formal Web-surfing, spam trashing, game twitching, and Comdex party crashing.

Argon Zark! T-shirts are now available in multiple designs in full color on a 100% cotton white heavyweight Hanes Beefy-T shirt. The image is 10" x 9" on the front of the shirt.

The T-shirt!

Argon Zark! Mouse Pads

Your mouse may fall into the n-dimensional reaches of cyberspace, or you may simply have a pleasant mouse-over experience. Good for "My mousepad is weirder than your mousepad." contests at the office.

Argon Zark! mouse pads are available in multiple designs on a sturdy cloth-top rubber-backed mousepad.
Can also be used as a coaster for really big drinks or a throw rug for really small rooms.

The T-shirt!

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