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"Wow, this is cool! I wish you would update more often."

This is a pretty common reaction to Argon Zark! .

As you might be able to tell, Argon Zark! is a labor of love. If I could, I would rather work on the comic than almost anything else, but I obviously don't have that luxury. I have to spend most of my time on work that helps pay the bills.

If you'd like to help support Argon Zark!, and allow me to devote more time to creating new pages, here are some things you can do:

Buy the hard copy
Not only do you get a pretty cool book, you get access to The Zarkive, containing unpublished comics and other weird stuff.
Buy an Argon Zark! T-shirt or mousepad.
You get cool stuff, get to confuse your friends and get access to the Zarkive.
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Help promote Argon Zark!
The more popular the site becomes, the more chance there is of other people helping to support it.
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Tell your friends about Argon Zark!
and your cousin and your brother and the guy in the computer store...
Tell everybody
Tell your favorite blog writer, online magazines, review sites, award sites, newsgroups, and wherever else you can think of. Tell your local newspaper about Zark! and online comics and how it would make a great feature.
Link to the site
On your personal site, blog or whatever you have. Not only will you help promote the site directly with your own link, but additional links help with search engine rankings. Admittedly, the current array of Argon Zark! link graphics isn't very strong, but I'll be working on that. Please set all links to:
To those of you who have helped support the site, both now and over the years it's been running, my thanks!

As a thank you, I've created The Zarkive, a password-protected archive of unpublished comics, images and other stuff, open to those who have bought Zark stuff or helped promote the site in some other way. I'll be adding more as time goes on.


Questions or comments? Write me.

The Argon Zark! dead-tree edition
Argon Zark! hard copy
The Argon Zark! T-shirt
Argon Zark! T-shirt
The Argon Zark! mousepad
Argon Zark! mousepad