The Zarkive
If you have purchased the Argon Zark! book or other stuff, or have helped to support the site in some other way, the Zarkive is my way of saying thank you!

The Zarkive requires a password. See the sidebar for how to log in.

NOTE: Some material in the Zarkive is not suitable for children.

If you have pruchased the Argon Zark T-Shirt, but did not receive the password, please write me at and I will send you the password.

Reviewers and members of the press, just write me for access.

What's in the Zarkive?

  • Argon Zark! Desktop images
  • The 1999 "Internet Meltdown" comic ad
  • Smokey The Duck - a 10-page unpublished underground comic.
  • Skecthes - AZ caaracters, random sketches and "pencil" versions of several pages.

Check back, I'll be adding more material soon.

How do I log in?

The username is: argon

In the front of the Argon Zark! Dead-tree Edition (page iv), there is a quote from a famous author.

The password is that author's first name.

Note: username and password are both lowercase.

Author quote

Argon Zark! page iv

Questions or comments? Write me.