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It helps to put "zark" somewhere in the subject line of your email to make sure it gets past the spam filters. I always enjoy comments or questions about the comic or the site.

If you really would like to show your appreciation for Argon Zark! and the amount of work that goes into it, consider buying a copy of the Argon Zark! book, or T-shirt (or other stuff).

Not only do you get a cool book (if I say so myself), T-shirt or other goodies, you also get access to The Zarkive, with the online version of Book 1, desktop images, and other weirdness, and, (most importantly) you help make it possible for me to continue to put work into the comic.

You can also think of it as striking a blow for independent content on the Web, an alternative to the increasing flood of mediocre corporate pap that's beginning to dominate the Internet.



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