The Zarkive

Argon Zark! images
for Mac Desktop Pictures & Windows Wallpaper
The Meltdown Ad
This was an ad for the AZ hard copy in the form of a two-page comic. It ran on the site in 1999.
Y2K Meltown!
Sketches and page "pencils"
Sketches of AZ characters, random sketches, and "pencil" versions of some AZ pages. (I put "pencil" in quotes because these are done digitally, with a Wacom tablet and a virtual pencil in Painter. )
AZ sketches
Illustration for A History of Webcomics
An illustration created as a chapter heading for A History of Webcomics by T Campbell.
History of Webcomics
AZ Painter Postcard
An illustration created for a Corel Painter postcard promotion, featuring a thinly veiled Argon and Zeta.
Painter Postcard
Smokey The Duck
An unpublished 10-page strip from an underground comic some friends and I created a long time ago.
Smokey The Duck
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Watch for announcements on the News page. I will be adding to the Zarkive in the future.
Plans include:

-More unpublished comics., preliminary sketches and "pencil" versions of pages.
-An online version of the "How does he DO that, anyway?" chapter of the book,
with full size images and additional material.
-A gallery of Bryce images, some used in the site and some just for fun.
-Really weird stuff